Words from my past

I am going to share a poem I wrote in high school that was published in the school’s newspaper. I was and am still very proud of this poem. It was written in 1986 by me, well, my maiden named me Christee Maraschiello.

Back Porch Swing

As the leaves turn to yellow and the grass withers away,

it reveals the bare red earth below.

The sun is swallowed behind the sloping mountains so high and

the all-knowing wind blows a fierce warning against my face.

Lost in thought of long ago,

I focus on the old swing out back. On that swing we shared

many highs and many lows, me and you.

We yelled and we whispered.

Together we carved the memories into the wood.

So much love we had.

Then the harvest moon swept it up along with unshed tears.

Friends ask “What happened”.

Birds chirp “What went wrong?”.

The wolves howl a mournful goodbye

to the one I loved long ago

on the back porch swing.


I have a few more that I will post once I find them.



About azgrneyz

I am 40-something year old woman, wife and mother of 2 awesome kids trying to start a little farm. We have 1 horse, 15 chickens, 3 Muscovy ducks, 2 Australian Shepherds and 3 cats so I guess it is more like a menagerie than farm for now. I enjoy taking photographs, gardening, reading, craft projects with the kids, working out, hiking, and riding my mountain bike. I am working towards my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition so I can help educate people in healthy food choices. I recently achieved my Associate in Applied Science in Urban Horticulture so I can teach people how to grow healthy food choices. I would also like to teach people in local communities how to grow their own food. I am just doing the best I can with what I have been given for the time being. Welcome to my little world!

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