Howdy! I have been away for quite some time but I’M BAAAACK!! Ha ha!

Ron Finley quote


Anywho, I am still hacking my way through my classes and getting closer everyday to my degree. To which my focus has shifted just slightly. I guess it has broadened not shifted, I still MUST be a farmer!

After attending a lecture on Aquaponics at ASU, I watched a TEDtalk from Ron Finley about his start in gardening and was instantly inspired. He is from South Central Los Angeles and revitalizes vacant lots into amazing urban farms and gardens. I am going to figure out how to incorporate something like that into my urban farm.

This is just a little update to let you all know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth just digging in it!

I have attached some photos from the greenhouse and urban farm at Mesa Community College where I am the Greenhouse Technician. Enjoy!


MCC Greenhouse & Garden

MCC Greenhouse

MCC Farm


About azgrneyz

I am 40-something year old woman, wife and mother of 2 awesome kids trying to start a little farm. We have 2 horses, 5 goats, 18 chickens, 2 Muscovy ducks, 1 Australian Shepherd and 2 cats so I guess it is more like a menagerie than farm for now. I enjoy gardening,reading, craft projects with the kids, running and riding my mountain bike. I am working on obtaining my Associates of Applied Science in Greenhouse and Nursery Management in Urban Horticulture with a Certificate in Sustainability so I can own and operate my farm effectively. I would also like to teach people in local communities how to grow their own food and revitalize vacant spaces. I am just doing the best I can with what I have been given for the time being. Welcome to my little world!

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