Letters to Mom

I want to thank you for teaching me to be resourceful and inventive. I just wish I had paid more attention when you were recovering pieces of furniture. Ha ha! I guess my endeavor will be more of a trial and error session. I am thankful that you taught me how to properly hang laundry in the sun. I am so incrediably thankful that you were my Mom and I miss you every single day.

I am kind of feeling my way around this area since I have so much to say and still want some of it to remain private. I realize that content is all up to me and what I choose to divulge but I just don’t want it ito turn into a dumping ground where I wallow in how much I miss you.

This page is to celebrate all the wacky, fun, touching, useful things that you have taught and instilled into me as well as a sort of walk down memory lane. A place where I can share new events in my life and talk to you about my hairbrained ideas that only you would understand.


About azgrneyz

I am 40-something year old woman, wife and mother of 2 awesome kids trying to start a little farm. We have 1 horse, 15 chickens, 3 Muscovy ducks, 2 Australian Shepherds and 3 cats so I guess it is more like a menagerie than farm for now. I enjoy taking photographs, gardening, reading, craft projects with the kids, working out, hiking, and riding my mountain bike. I am working towards my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition so I can help educate people in healthy food choices. I recently achieved my Associate in Applied Science in Urban Horticulture so I can teach people how to grow healthy food choices. I would also like to teach people in local communities how to grow their own food. I am just doing the best I can with what I have been given for the time being. Welcome to my little world!

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Just another WordPress.com site

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