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I am super excited for the upcoming Fall school semester. I have signed myself up for a full load, 14 credit hours, and I cannot wait! I am going to take Photography, Environmental Biology, Intro to Communication, Computer Information Systems and Intro into Computer Graphics. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do/be when I grow up. Ha ha! I am still sure that I want to own and operate a B&B but in the off-season and in the in between spaces I will need to be able to make money. So my thoughts are to learn more computer-based things so that I can supplement my income with design, writing and photography projects for myself, friends, clients and publications if possible.

I am still shooting to find an interesting part-time job to keep the lights on, so to speak. I have applied to a few places but nothing has materialized yet. *sigh* I will be WAY more flexible when school starts for the kiddos in August because then I can go and do “face time” and hand out my resume instead of it going over the internet. So far I haven’t seen anything super fabulous on the internet anyway. I would much rather go into businesses that I would be interested in working for and see if they have a openning. Maybe I can find a job in a neat little bookstore or some place funky where I can make a little money, meet people and learn stuff.

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